Robert Louis Barron

BS University Studies/Geographic Information Science - Emphasis in Geographic Information Systems

A diversely skilled GIS Professional with a firm understanding of the benefits of both small and large GIS systems. With over 15 years of experience, he consistently creates and executes strategies for leveraging ArcGIS Professional, ArcGIS Server, JSON, training resources and standard operating procedures to name a few.

I aim to employ my education in GIS, work experience and life skills to help champion your GIS!

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GeoPDF Integration

GeoPDF Integration

US Coast Guard Map - Situation Map

MSU Port Arthur

Geographic Response Plans

ESRI ttf Style - Road Symbol

ESRI Mobile Application

Texas General Land Office

Drone Mapping - Bastrop, County

Alum Creek Flooding Debris

SOP GIS Incidents - TGLO Oil Spill

Passerine - ESI Icon - ESRI ttf style

ArcGIS Web Mapping Application

Bastrop, County Texas USA

Hidden Pines Wildfire Support Group

South Fire Mitigation FEMA Project

Bastrop County Professional Services - 911 Addressing

Land Cover Process - MEXUS Oil Spill Exercise

17th Edition Oil Spill Planning & Response Toolkit

State of Texas - Developed with ArcMap 10.x & Hannon Hill Cascade Server

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